Delivery/ Shipping

DELIVERY - FREE delivery for all orders over $50 AND within 10 miles of the 11715 spring cypress Tomball manufacturing facility. Anything over 10 miles is charged $1.50 per mile. For orders under $50, there is a flat rate delivery cost of $5 plus $1.50 per mile (charged one-way only).  

For catering and wholesale orders over $100, delivery is free if you are within a 10 mile radius of the 11715 Spring Cypress Tomball manufacturing facility. $1.50 per mile in excess of 10 miles (charged one-way only).

SHIPPING - At this time, we currently do not ship products via air mail. We are working on the shelf stability of our products, along with our packaging to be able to provide this service in the future. Thanks for your patience. We will announce when we offer a shipping option.