Join us Sunday, December 16, from 1-3pm for a complimentary sampling of our online Christmas Menu. Last day to pre-order is Wednesday, December 19. Pick up days are Fri - Sun before Christmas (Dec 21-23 from 1-4pm)

Meet Malia, Founder of ENDless Bakery

I've had severe food allergies to eggs, nuts and dairy for as long as I can remember. It's been difficult for me to find safe options when I go out to eat - especially sweets! I created ENDless Bakery so there would be more options for fresh and tasty treats. Click below to hear my story, which was recorded in 2017. - Malia

Christmas Goodies for All

Make this Christmas an inclusive one by choosing from our allergy-friendly selection of cinnamon rolls, pumpkin pies, decorated iced sugar cookies, vanilla and chocolate cupcakes, brownies, and our newest item (our gingerbread cookie). Click here to order. Interested in trying before you buy? Visit us for a complimentary sampling on Sunday, Dec 16 from 1-3pm. All our items are free from the top 8 major food allergens. Last Day to Order is Wednesday, December 19. Pick up over the weekend - Friday - Sunday (Dec 21-23) between 1-4pm. For quantities less than half a dozen stop in for light counter service on December 21-23 between 1-4pm

Our bakery storefront

8312 Louetta Rd. Suite C

M - F By Appointment Only


Complimentary Sampling - Sunday, December 16 from 1-3 pm

Dec 21 - 23 (1 - 4 pm) - Christmas pick up and limited counter service

Use contact us page to receive a quote for custom catering requests or wholesale orders. 

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