Wholesale Options

Are your customers looking for gluten-free, allergy-friendly or vegan options that you aren't equipped to provide?

Let ENDless Bakery help you. We have options for restaurants, bakeries, cafes, airport kiosks, grocery stores, concession stands, catering companies, schools, hotels and cottage bakers to meet the growing demand for safe and delicious gluten-free, allergy-friendly and vegan baked goods.

One in 13 children, or roughly two in every classroom has a food allergy. You can be a company that provides safe options for the classroom.

Fully Baked and Individually Packaged Products are an excellent option if you are concerned about cross-contact. These products have tamper-evident packaging and are ready for individual sale.  It is a great option for grocers, airport kiosks and concession stands.

Frozen Raw or Fully Baked and Pre-packaged Products are a great option for grocery stores or any retail outlet with a freezer merchandiser who wants to offer customers options to take home allergy-friendly vegan products that they can make at their own convenience. 

(COMING SOON- recipe being reformulated) Frozen Raw Cookie Dough is the best option for schools, hotels, bakeries, and catering companies who want to provide their customers with freshly baked cookies, cookie skillets, and cookie cakes

Raw Cupcake and Muffin Batter and Frosting is the perfect option for professional bakers or cottage bakers who want to create their own custom cakes or cupcakes without having to invest in a separate mixer and mixing utensils. 

To discuss wholesale options, or for specific product information and pricing, please contact us using the form below: